18 Days Left for Titanium Rain/AudioComics Project

18 Days Left for Titanium Rain/AudioComics Project

With only 18 days left Titanium Rain is still going on with it’s Kickstarter program which is working towards the creation of Titanium Rain the Audio Drama by Audio Comics Company who brought you Starstruck.

If you want to see more of Titanium Rain go over and any small amount will help get this project going!

In the year 2031, a civil war begins in China and eventually envelops the entire world. For US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival in this new age means that man and machine must exist as one, courtesy of a new military project called Prometheus. This is the basis for one of the most acclaimed graphic novel series in recent years: Titanium Rain, created and produced by 01Publishing (www.01publishing.com/) and published by Archaia Entertainment:

“A different kind of war book, making statements about the politics and nature of war and not reducing itself to mocking the whole thing…I have a feeling that this is going to be one heck of a ride.” (Broken Frontier magazine)

“This is well worth the buy, I can’t recommend it enough.” (Graphic Policy online)

“The feeling of realism is taken up a notch by the recognizable story elements. Add in just enough cool tech to give it a fresh feel and you have my positive initial impression of Titanium Rain.” (Chuck Moore, Comic Related online review)

Now TR jumps from the printed page to the aural stage as it comes to the world of radio drama…with your help!

AudioComics is looking to raise $1,250.00. This is the bare minimum required to cover the studio time for voice-over sessions in Portland, ME on November 5, 2011, transportation costs, and first year licensing fees, plus Kickstarter/Amazon fees. Additional funds raised will cover actor fees and aid with our compact disc manufacturing fees, which will be made available to a worldwide audience with the hopes that listeners will in turn purchase the graphic novel series.

We have some exceptional swag to the right some of which is provided courtesy of 01Publishing, ranging from exclusive TR prints to sketchcards to one-of-a-kind commissions, as well as compact discs and digital downloads.

In order for this project to be successfully, we need your support. Not only do we need your pledges, but we need you to pass the links to our Kickstarter page to your friends. Help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, over the phone and in your next e-mail. Thank you

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