The Walking Dead Webisodes Available

The Walking Dead Webisodes Available

With the premiere for the second season of The Walking Dead slowly limping toward us, most fans are hungry for any bit of zombie goodness they can get their hands on. Luckily, a brand new webseries, “Torn Apart” started up on online today and should serve as a tasty appetizer to tie us over until the October 16 premiere.

The newly appointed co-executive producer and the show’s FX guru Greg Nicotero directed the six-episode series of shorts about Hannah, the mom who will be the notorious Bicycle Girl, the legless zombie Rick mercy-killed in the first season.

The first episode, “A New Day,” doesn’t show much in its two and a half minutes, but does a good job at getting us back in the mood for some more zombie action, especially after a summer full of behind-the-scenes drama. Leave it to The Walking Dead to easily fit two zombies eating someone and a shotgun blast to the head into just under three minutes.

The series begins with Hannah, who wakes up after an apparent car crash with her two kids missing from the back seat. If that isn’t a scary enough scenario, just add zombies!

You’ll find the first episode of “Torn Apart” below and the rest of the series over at

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