Amber’s new etsy listings can help make your Halloween nerdy

Amber’s new etsy listings can help make your Halloween nerdy

I had to come to terms with letting go of some possessions because of finances and emotional attachments. I listed a few costumes and a couple carved foam pumpkins on etsy.

It seems like each thing I make has its own story and sometimes we need to end the chapter and let it go.

Please read each item’s description and message me with questions. I’m as honest as I can possibly be about the quality of my work. I’m not on par with a Hollywood designer or Broadway costumer. My work is perfectly fine for basic cosplay like comic book conventions and photoshoots. My pumpkins are based on published work by real comic professionals because I can’t draw – but I can alter their images into workable carving patterns. Detailed designs like that Captain America one take 8-10 hours of work. The Black Cat one was a bit simpler somewhere between 7-8 hours.

NoteI am NOT taking customized costume orders. It is too stressful to get someone’s measurements and hope a suit fits them properly. I only do it for my friends. The suits I sell are ones that I’ve created either for myself or as sample pieces to work through the kinks of a design.

Current listings include:

  • * traditional Harley Quinn costume
  • * Neon Harley Quinn costume
  • * generic superhero leotard good for X-Men in yellow & black
  • * pieces from the Umbrella Academy costume for Rumor
  • * Captain America and Black Cat carved foam pumpkins

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