A ‘How To’ Guide to DC Digital Comics

A ‘How To’ Guide to DC Digital Comics

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We’ve been thrilled by the response to same-day digital so far – the surge in popularity of digital comics has driven the DC app up the charts.  If you haven’t downloaded your favorite titles yet, here’s a quick overview of how you can access digital comics.

The Web

Visit read.DCComics.com and click on “read online.” You can then browse the digital comics catalog (here’s a quick shortcut to all DC Comics – The New 52 titles). To purchase and download you’ll need to set up a DC Comics username and password. Once you pick the books you want to download add them to your shopping cart and then click “check out” where you’ll be asked to provide payment information. Then you can access your purchase via the “My Comics” tab in the top navigation section.


Download the DC Comics app on iOS, Android or WP7. When you enter the app you can login with your existing DC Comics account username and password or you can create a new one. If you decide to purchase and download a digital comic the fees will be charged to your mobile operating system account (so if you’re downloading to your iPad then your iTunes account will be charged, similarly on Android your Android Marketplace account will be charged).

The good news is once you set up a username and password you can use it across the board on the web and on mobile in the DC Comics app, and once you download a comic it can be accessed on both the web and on your mobile device. Here are a few handy links if you forget your username or password.

Now that you know how to access digital comics – don’t forget to check out today’s new releases on your phone or online.

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