Walking Dead Season 2 Poster Released

Walking Dead Season 2 Poster Released

The Walking Dead” creeps back onto television in just a few short weeks, but you don’t have to wait any longer to catch your first look at the new poster for the second season.

AMC released the poster yesterday, which shows southern law man turned post-zombie apocalypse survivor Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) running along a desolate dirt road with a very familiar house looming in the distance.

Based on everything we’ve heard about the new season so far, it seems pretty clear that the poster is giving us our very first look yet at Hershel Greene’s farm. Fans will remember Hershel and his family’s farm from the early days of Robert Kirkman’s comic book run, and the plot promises to resurface prominently throughout the second season of “The Walking Dead.” Hershel will be played by actor Scott Wilson in the new season, while Lauren Cohan plays his daughter Maggie, a pivotal character who eventually becomes a love interest for one of our favorite human survivors.

Beyond the appearance of Hershel’s farm, there’s something else for eagle-eyed “Walking Dead” fans to take note of: Rick is traveling this road all on his lonesome, which is a stark contrast to the way he arrives at Hershel’s in the comic book. In an effort to keep things vague for those of you who haven’t read the books, let’s just say that Rick encounters Hershel and his family through some very unfortunate and very urgent circumstances.

Is the poster just highlighting Rick to stress his importance in the context of the new season, or is it a hint that the TV show is shying away from an incredibly memorable and truly brutal moment from Kirkman’s comics?

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