The Spectre coming to TV

The Spectre coming to TV

Looks like The Spectre is the latest DC Comics property in development as a television series, according a report on Deadline.

The show has received a script commitment from Fox, with Love Happens co-writer and director Brandon Camp signed to pen the pilot, and Gran Torino producer Bill Gerber also on board. In one incarnation or another, The Spectre has been around DC Comics since 1940′s More Fun Comics #52, though he hasn’t yet been seen in the publisher’s current The New 52 relaunch.

In his classic version, The Spectre is murdered cop Jim Corrigan, reborn as the embodiment of God’s wrath. And hes not the only ghostly DC character currently in TV development — last month, news circulated that a Deadman series was in the works at The CW.

If a pilot is greenlit and picked up as a series — a big if with any project at this early stage — it would also mark the return of a DC adaptation to the Fox lineup, which canceled Human Target earlier this year.

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