Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/24/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 8/24/11

Batman Incorporated #8 by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn

If TRON and Batman had a baby, this cover would be the result. Sure Bats is great at solving crimes in his own city, but what about when it comes to cyberspace? That’s usually Oracle’s domain, so methinks Batman will be needing some help this issue. I love the way the cybernetics slowly creep into the real world, incorporating digital and gritty alleyway. The avatar for Batman is not too shabby either. Love the platinum gold coloring in front, with cooler colors in the back.


X-Men #16 by Jorge Molina & Joe Quinones

Doom! Magneto! Together at last (not in that way, sicko!)! There are several things I admire about this cover; the blue magnetic fields springing forth from Magneto’s hands, his cape encasing the stars and suns, and Doom flying right at the viewer in a rather menacing matter. It all fits together wonderfully, with that classic X-Men logo as the cherry on top. Lots of different shades of blue on this cover, and I absolutely love it! I’ve always wanted to see these two team-up or battle, and something tells me this issue might be the closest thing to making the 12-year old in me thrilled.


Brightest Day Aftermath – The Search For Swamp Thing #3 by David Mack

Want to know how to get me to select your cover? Well done watercolors. David Mack blew me away this week with his gorgeous watercolors depicting Constantine & Swampy, making John look almost angelic yet psychedelic. There’s not much more for me to say about this image, for I find myself getting lost in its beauty upon every glance. I’d like a print of it so I can frame it on my wall. This cover belongs in a (art) museum!


Justice Society of America #54 by Darwyn Cooke

I have a theory about Darwyn Cooke; he is the original man out of time. He accidentally stumbled into a time machine that took him from the Golden Age, and plopped him out in the far-off year 2000! Instead of figuring out how to return to his own era, he picked-up a pencil and just started drawing from where he left off. With this final issue of Justice Society of America, I can think of no one better than Cooke to give this series the grand send-off it deserves. His style and these classic characters go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Absolutely brilliant cover, and hands-down my favorite cover of the week.

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