Beyond Reality Media offers Free online comics from internationally acclaimed comic talents!

Beyond Reality Media offers Free online comics from internationally acclaimed comic talents!

Beyond Reality Media launches its digital online comic books. The company offers readers FREE, new stories in the world of comics at

Rather than showcasing simple one page skits, Beyond Reality Media (BRM) provides complete on-going stories FREE on a weekly basis.

Utilizing experienced international comic talent, BRM’s team of creators working on the books include:

  • Christian Gossett (The Red Star, Electra: The Hand)
  • Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys)
  • JJ Kirby (Wildstorm comics)
  • Alan Robinson (IDW – Terminator Salvation, Harlan Ellison’s Phoenix Without Ashes)
  • Richard Clark (Dark Horse, The Guild: Vork)
  • William Geradts (BRM producer)
  • Richard Fairgray (Blastosaurus)
  • Robert Rankin (UK fantasy author)

and more.

Beyond Reality Media will release NEW comic pages Monday through Friday.

BRM is proud to present four all new books including: ATTICA, WARDEN, THE INSPIRATION DUNCANS and ROBERT RANKIN’S EMPIRES. We are also pleased to re-release Christian Gossett’s THE RED STAR.

The release schedule for our titles is as follows:


What if the ancient world’s bloodiest conqueror walked the modern world as its greatest prophet?


What if the world’s greatest superhero is actually something else entirely?


Patrick discovered the missing link…then killed it. He’s REALLY sorry.


One of the most celebrated graphic novel series of the decade is an epic mythology inspired by the art and history of the Soviet Union. (Reprints from issue one onwards)


A girl adventurer, a monkey butler, alien invaders and the darkest magic on Earth.

The year is 1895 and the world is coming to an end.

We invite you to interview the creators, showcase the various books and be a part of something new and different launching into the digital landscape in 2011!

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For additional information on: Beyond Reality Media Offers All New Free Online Comics, please contact Bill Geradts at

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