Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #046: 2011-08

Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #046: 2011-08

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the August 2011 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.
We had 1 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Welcome to Heavenside

and 3 listeners:
Jack Patton
Ian Gowan
Randy Dickson

Items mentioned:
p.24 (Jack Patton) Orchid #1
p.28 (John Mayo) Star Wars: Crimson Empire III – Empire Lost #1 DCBS 50%
p.40 (Ian Gowan) Kull: The Cat & The Skull #1
p.51 (Bob Bretall) Usagi Yojimbo #141 DCBS 50%
p.56 (Jack Patton) Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad HC
p.99 (Damian Smith) The Shade #1
p.117 (Randy Dickson) Legion: Secret Origin
p.131 (Jack Patton) Spaceman #1
p.145 (John Mayo) Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1 DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW w\Chris Roberson **
p.169 (Ian Gowan) Rip Haywire TPB
p.178 (Bob Bretall) The Last of the Greats #1 DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW w\Josh Fialkov **
p.189 (Bob Bretall) Nightmare World v3: Demon Days TP DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW w\Dirk Manning **
p.185 (John Mayo) Witchblade #151 DCBS 50% ** INTERVIEW w\Tim Seeley **
p.M9 (John Mayo) Incredible Hulk #1 DCBS 50%
p.232 (Damian Smith) Helldorado #1
p.249 (Jack Patton) Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #1
p.255 (Bob Bretall) Key of Z #1 DCBS 45%
p.275 (John Mayo) Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics HC / SC DCBS 45%
p.281 (Damian Smith) The Living Corpse: Exhumed #3
p.291 (Bob Bretall) Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes HC
p.314 (Bob Bretall) The War of the Independents #1 DCBS 45% ** INTERVIEW w\Dave Ryan **
p.318 (Bob Bretall) The Pack #1 ** INTERVIEW w\Mike Raicht **
p.322 (John Mayo) Alternate #1 DCBS 45%
p.339 (Jack Patton) Wally Wood’s Strange Worlds of Science Fiction HC
p.359 (Bob Bretall) Wild Adventures of Doc Savage v1: The Desert Demons SC
p.373 (Randy Dickson) Metal Men T-Shirts

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