Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Possible Spoilers

Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Possible Spoilers


Some Dark Knight Rises set photos have emerged online, giving fans their best look yet at Tom Hardy as Bane.

But the head-on shot isn’t the only image from the set that made its way onto the web—far from it. Indeed, a whole bunch of “Dark Knight” photos are now in circulation, giving some strong suggestions of what to expect from the story of Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman movie.

We’ll show you a few of those photos, and weigh in with our thoughts on them, past the jump, so consider this your final spoiler warning before moving forward.

So, you’ve already seen Bane. Perhaps you haven’t seen Bane going up against the bat. The Caped Crusader has his hands full with the heavily muscled villain in this photo, and behind-the-scenes videos (and additional images) reveal that their brawl is just one in a sea of similar battles between Gotham City’s finest and unidentified soldiers who may or may not be (but probably are) members of the League of Shadows.

The idea that these guys belong to the League is strengthened by the sight of Marion Cotillard strolling around with these mysterious gunmen at her side. Though her character is officially known as Miranda Tate, the popular rumor is that she’s actually playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s and would-be saboteur of the Dark Knight and his efforts to protect Gotham. Her appearance here only further fuels that rumor, especially when you see her…

…emerging from the tumbler, with the vehicle boasting its pre-Batmobile desert camouflage color scheme. Looks like somebody’s been shopping in Lucius Fox’s closet! It’s always possible that Tate, described as “a Wayne Enterprises board member,” is simply chiming in to help Batman out in the midst of all this chaos. But I’m putting my money on the idea that she really is Talia, having somehow embedded herself in a position of power where she can destroy Gotham from within, all with the help of Bruce’s wonderful toys.


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