Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07

Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the July 2011 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 2 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Dangerous Bill Masters
Welcome to Heavenside

and 3 listeners:
Tom Castleton
Ian Gowan

Items mentioned:
p.24 (Tom Castleton) Buffy the Vamprie Slayer: Season Nine #1
p.142 (John Mayo) Star Trek Ongoing #1 0.5
p.166 (Bill Boehmer) Done To Death
p.170 (Bob Bretall) Near Death #1 0.5 ** Interview w/Jay Faerber **
p.172 (John Mayo) Witchblade #150 0.5
p.183 (Bob Bretall) Lovestruck OGN ** Interview w/Kevin Mellon **
p.186 (Bill Boehmer) Green Wake
p.195 (Damian Smith) Deadlands
p.M17 (Hassan) Ultimate Comics: X-Men #1
p.M24 (John Mayo) Herc #7 0.5
p.M31 (Hassan) New Avengers #16.1
p.M62 (John Mayo) X-Men #17 0.5
p.220 (Bill Boehmer) Royal Historian of Oz
p.231 (Ian Gowan) Mr. Murder Is Dead HC
p.234 (Bob Bretall) Flash Gordon: The Vengeance of Ming 0.45 ** Interview w/Brendan Deneen **
p.234 (Bob Bretall) Black Powder #1 0.45
p.242 (Damian Smith) Neon
p.248 (John Mayo) Orbit: Stan Lee 0.45
p.256 (Bob Bretall) The Rinse #1 0.75 ** Interview w/Gary Phillips **
p.270 (Damian Smith) Jennifer’s Blood
p.281 (Bill Boehmer) Daybreak
p.289 (Bob Bretall) Extinction Seed #0 0.45
p.298 (Ian Gowan) Bela Lugosi’s Tales From Grave #3
p.309 (John Mayo) Atomic Robo & the Ghost of Station X #2
p.319 (Bob Bretall) Black River one shot

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