Walking Dead Season Two Teaser Fake

Walking Dead Season Two Teaser Fake

The Walking Dead doesn’t shamble its rotting corpse back onto TV screens for another few months, but if you’re hungry for brains, we’ve got something to whet your appetite… kind of, at least.

An alleged new trailer for the second season of AMC’s survival horror series hit the web late yesterday evening, a slow-motion spot that showcases southern lawman Rick Grimes squaring off against an oncoming horde of the walking dead.

It’s a very cool video — Which you can see here — but sadly, it’s also fake.

“This Walking Dead Season 2 teaser that is making the rounds online is very cool… but it’s NOT a real teaser. Just letting people know,” comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman clarified on Twitter last night.

“No official #TheWalkingDead Season 2 teaser is out yet, but there’s a fun fan promo circulating on the web,” added fellow executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, who offered one last glimmer of hope: “See you at #SanDiegoComicCon!”

Yes, those of you who are lucky enough to head out to Comic-Con International this year, and the even luckier few of you who are able to get into the show’s planned “Walking Dead” panel, are likely to get an early tease at what’s in store when the show returns in October. For now, nothing official. But we’ll take Kirkman’s word for it when he says: “I think we’re on our way for this season to actually surpass the first season as far as coolness goes.”

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