Blade Anime Trailer

Blade Anime Trailer

Blade” has been a comic book, a movie trilogy, and a live-action television series, and now it’s going to be an anime, too. Marvel has been giving some of its popular comic book characters the anime treatment for a while now, and it looks like “Blade” is the next to debut… in Japan.

In order to advertise the soon-to-be-airing anime, a Japanese trailer and some character designs have been released on the project’s official website. The character designs include Blade and Deacon Frost, as well as new characters Makoto, Noah van Helsing, and his dog, Razor.

Even if you can’t speak Japanese, you can still appreciate the action of the trailer, which includes fangs, fighting, and a blood-red moon. Also, you may recognize a few words and terms! “Vampire” and “vampire hunter,” anyone?

While the trailer is only thirty seconds, it gives us a window into what to expect from the anime.

There is no word yet if “Blade” will be dubbed into English and brought over to America for English-language audiences. For now, it’s only going to be in Japan, and premieres July 1.


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