The Living Corpse – Exhumed

The Living Corpse – Exhumed

THE LIVING CORPSE rises from the grave in an all new 6 issue mini-series!

It’s hard enough to be The Living Corpse – the flies, the hunger for human brains and the unending task of holding off the hordes of darkness from creeping into the world of the living. But when a Nosferatu suddenly moves into his graveyard, all hell breaks loose! And what will happen when The Living Corpse’s friend, Lilith, get’s caught in the middle? It’s a battle of the undead and only one will be left standing! (here’s a hint… the name of the book ain’t Nosferatu!)

Yes, The Living Corpse from Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser is finally returning after so long being away.

For those that might remember it, The Living Corpse was originally coming out from Zenascope to have finally been dug up by Dynamite Entertainment with a new 6 issue mini series!

I have been waiting for this for so long and hopefully in it your going to see myself and my Co-Host of Kryptographik in one of the issues if you look hard enough…

As it’s in this coming previews be sure your preordering it!

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  1. Buz says:

    Thanks for the support as always D! An yes the kryptograph is in issue 3!