Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/25/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/25/11










King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel #4 by Darick Robertson

One of my favorite things about the various Conan series, is being treated to the occasional Darick Robertson cover. Robertson’s gritty tone is what really sells it here, showing why Conan is the ultimate warrior. This cover in particular does a fantastic job illustrating the word ‘badass’, with the definition being a Cimmerian barbarian cleaning a freshly stained sword, as chaos and destruction is blurred in the background. Just looking at this cover makes me want to take a shower, then curl up in the fetal position. By Crom what a great cover!


Green Lantern #66 by Clayton Crain

When I first saw this variant cover, I was slightly disturbed by Krona’s facial features. Something about this cover screams Vincent Price to me, and I think it’s just the eerie-lookin’ Oan front and center. The legion of shadowy Lanterns adds to the creepiness factor, and with the only two colors being blacks and greens it’s just downright spooky. And yet, there is some real beauty in this cover. With Crain’s great attention to detail, it really hooks the eyes and reels them in for the kill. You want to look away, you want to feel hatred seeing Krona, but you can’t bring yourself to do so. It’s hauntingly beautiful, pure and simple.


FF #4 by Daniel Acuña

What’s that? Another gorgeous Acuña FF cover? You don’t say! With Ben Grimm featured prominently on this cover, we get the unique opportunity to explore him as a whole. In doing so, I’ve made a few notes; number one, he’s rather orange. Number two, he needs a new shirt and shorts. And finally number three, Daniel Acuña’s art is consistently gorgeous. Just look at the cracks and texture of Ben’s skin; not a single black line. Instead, just wonderfully painted cracks connecting every rocky panel. Also, check out the license plate on the crashed car; best place for an artists signature ever! So yes, while the rest of the team can also be seen behind him, who cares? Bed makes you focus on him while proving why he’s such a valuable asset to the team.


Strange Adventures #1 by Paul Pope

Upon first glance, I was a little confused at what I was looking at. After deciphering a sexy lady emerging from her spacesuit in nothing but skimpy lingerie, you suddenly have my undivided attention! The pose both she and the suit convey to the reader is one of weightlessness, completely bliss-free. This being Strange Adventures, surely this sort of occurrence will be happening on a frequent basis, and I’m all for it. My only complaint about this cover is that horrible Green Lantern movie banner up on top. Here I am trying to drool over Paul Pope’s artwork, and you’re completely ruining my focus with a vibrant green banner above the title. Completely takes away focus from the cover, and makes me want to ditch seeing the movie. Obviously I’ll be there for the midnight showing, but I’m still pretty miffed at what they did to the cover. Not cool, DC.


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