NBC Says No to Wonder Woman

NBC Says No to Wonder Woman

It seems the highly publicized and often controversial Wonder Woman television series reboot could find itself canceled before it even had a chance to premiere. NBC has rejected the pilot and will not be taking on the show, according to a new report.

This news comes from Entertainment Weekly, which can speculate on but not confirm the reasons for NBC’s decision. According to the report, the pilot was only able to get mixed reviews when aired at test screenings.

The issue of the costume was brought up, considering how many fans did not like the changes to it. Despite having a big and well-respected name like David E. Kelley behind it, Wonder Woman has received a lot of flack online.

It’s a tough world in the TV business, but this doesn’t automatically mean the end. There remains the option of shopping the pilot around, so it may get picked up elsewhere. However, the report speculates that it will be difficult to sell a pilot that NBC dismissed.

So let’s see what we missed…


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