Help Moose Baumann Raise $90000 For Medical Costs

Help Moose Baumann Raise $90000 For Medical Costs

From Bleeding Cool:

Moose Baumann is one of the better known colourists in comics, generally because of his willingness to be outspoken about all sorts of people and issues. Which has got him in trouble before.

But now he’s asking for your help.

Moose’s wife had been treated for breast cancer, and after chemotherapy and surgery, she was in remission.

However the cancer spread which needed more chemotherapy and surgery but, because she had lost her job, she also had lost her health insurance – and could get no one else to insure her privately due to her previous condition

As it stands, the pair have to pay off the remaining cost of the medical bill for treatment, currently standing at above $90,000. And are looking at losing their home as a result.

Moose is selling prints of his work online to help pay off their immediate debts. If you can help him, in this way or any other, please do get in touch.

You can e-mail him here.

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