Why No Han Solo Movie? Answers here!

Why No Han Solo Movie? Answers here!

The Science Fiction Show rolls in this week with a hot topic: why doesn’t Han Solo have his own movie? A worthy discussion with Jason Tudor and Keith Houin that includes special guest Michael Wistock, Star Wars oracle and head maintainer of the Steve Sansweet Fan Page on Facebook (the one with 5,800 followers). Also this week, we discuss Tron: Legacy, and dive deep into the 2011 movie season. Longer show, better mics AND Ron Jeremy. Don’t miss listening this week!

And if you missed Episode 001 … no, you DIDN’T! Linky.

2 Responses to “Why No Han Solo Movie? Answers here!”

  1. nuchtchas says:

    Loved the Han Solo discussion, we had Han Solo movies, they were titled Indiana Jones and he was a time traveler 🙂

  2. Jason Tudor says:

    Someone said something similar about “Serenity.” Thanks for listening!