Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/4/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 5/4/11










Fear Itself: Spider-Man #1 by Marko Djurdjevic

The classic blue and red outfit of Spidey is the first thing that really pops-out at you the viewer. And with the muddled background colors, it really makes the purple of the banner standout as well, which is something I try not to focus on usually but in this case it’s hard not to. I really enjoy the mash-up of images between the spider webs, with the combination of different people in some and blood-splatter in the others. And as usual, Spider-Man is stuck in the middle of it all. To help sell the looming doom even further is the display of his shadow; long and prominent. Very good design throughout this cover.


House of Mystery #37 by Esao Andrews

If you liked it then you should have put a city on it. That is one hell of a ring, am I right? I’m a fan of bright, neon colors in a sea of grey and boring, and this cover definitely delivers. The same colors of nail polish match the wristbands, and that’s no easy feat for a girl nowadays. I love how the city looks so natural perched upon her fingers, as if it’s been that way for centuries. I’m not sure if Andrews used pastels or paints (or both), but this is a very beautiful cover.


Sweet Tooth #21 by Jeff Lemire

In the animal kingdom, the colors red, yellow, and black usually symbolize ‘danger!’ or ‘toxic!’, so to have all three featured in this cover conveys to us that Gus is definitely in some deep doo-doo (as if being displayed in the jaws of a rabid bear wasn’t your first clue). Lemire’s sometimes radical style really makes the insane bear look terrifying, and the color scheme is an added bonus. This is my selection for I-Want-It-As-A-Poster for the week. I don’t think I could handle being in Gus’ position; it would be un-bear-able.


Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder #4 by Mike Mignola

Simple, yet effective; that’s Mignola’s cover art in a nutshell. All we get is some well-placed undead townsfolk sprinkled with symbols of a dead dark language, and that’s all we need really. How can something be so incredibly detailed, yet so simple at the same time?! I’d like to get Mike Mignola and Chris Ware on a panel together, and ask them both this question.


Uncanny X-Force #9 by Esad Ribic

Run Wolverine! Magneto is a giant! Okay not really, but that what it may look like upon first glance. Esad Ribic proves once again how to create a gorgeous cover, and how you don’t need the entire team to make a statement; just two characters will suffice. And knowing both Logan & Magneto’s history, some sparks could fly. I especially love the electricity sparking from Magneto’s eye, looking almost like an electric tear. Maybe that’s why Wolverine is running away; because he doesn’t like the taste of electric tears.

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