Your Say Sunday 24/4/2011

Your Say Sunday 24/4/2011

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One Response to “Your Say Sunday 24/4/2011”

  1. Dianthrax says:

    I have a My Say!!
    So this is me saying my My Say & what I have to say about people and their inability to take a freaking joke…

    So recently I’ve been thinking about how important a sense of humor really is. It’s probably one of the most pertinent factors in determining whether or not you find a person easy to get along with & pleasant to be around. Now I don’t mean the ability to BE funny or entertaining; I mean what someone thinks is amusing, the humor they see in the situations around them, and how serious they take themselves.

    I can’t stand people who simply refuse to see humor in any joke that’s at their expense, no matter how innocent it is. I also can’t stand the people who, to use the colloquialism, can dish it out but can’t take it. If you’re going to rag on someone be prepared for when they get you back!

    Obviously people need to understand the difference between harmlessly poking at someone’s pride and saying something cruel. If it’s a friend then you should know what topics they’re more sensitive about and stay the fuck away from them. At the same time, if a friend unknowingly steps over a line and pisses you off (AKA hurt your feelings) you have to TELL THEM THAT so that they know not to do it again! Going off and pouting, escalating to hurt them back, the ever-popular and ridiculously immature “silent treatment”- all are reactions of people who can’t take a freaking joke that bug the Hell out of me.

    Being funny is a nice and helpful talent to have too. Depending on how good your sense of humor is it can make up for so many less-pleasant aspects of someone’s personality. I’ve stayed friends with people who are flaky, irresponsible, and extremely self-involved because they made me laugh like no one else could and could make any awful, miserable situation suddenly seem hilarious & tolerable. Many women say that a sense of humor is one of the top things they look for when on a first date. I know that being able to make your spouse laugh and diffuse a tense situation is very helpful when it comes to being married. My brother-in-law’s relaxed attitude about life and his ability to put things into perspective in the larger scheme of things is the ideal compliment to my sister’s perfectionism & tendency to get lost in the unimportant details of life. He’s also one of the few people who can get her to break down and laugh once she’s in her seriously pissed off place.

    I also want to rant about the fact that there is nothing wrong with having a bit of a…unique sense of humor. Personally, my sense of humor can be rather fucked up. I laugh every time the cat gets shot in “The Boondock Saints” or someone is killed with a garage door or something equally gruesome on Supernatural. I cracked up during the pilot of Raising Hope when they referred to the executed serial killer mom as having “gone to the electric bye-bye chair.”

    I also like and laugh at normal things, I make normal jokes, have a thing for nerdy puns (“Tin Omen”- Josh you’re a freaking genius) and have had a lot of guy friends, meaning I bag on my friends and can make sex jokes that run the gamut of lame to brilliant to face-palmingly “I-can’t-believe-you-just-said-that” fucking horrendous.

    If you don’t get my sense of humor; fine. If you don’t like it; that’s fine too. If I say or do something that really bothers you; man-up and tell me so that I can do something about it! I’m not a completely evil compassionless shrew and I always value honesty & respect. But don’t lash out at me by saying something nasty & mean.

    That’s not a complaint because doing so will hurt my feelings; it’s a warning.

    You hit me and I’ll hit you back harder and in a softer spot; it’s my natural reaction and I wasn’t given this nickname because I’m a fan of the band. Generally I don’t like hurting people, though that tends to conflict with my strong belief in revenge being sweeter than Christmas. Still, I mostly try to keep my foot out of my mouth & stay out of trouble…

    …I think having Dorothy Parker as my role-model growing up may not have been the best of influences 😉