Nick Cage’s Stolen Action Comics #1 Found

Nick Cage’s Stolen Action Comics #1 Found

Stolen ten years ago from actor Nicolas Cage’s West Hollywood home, a rare, $1 million copy of the 1938 Superman Action Comics #1 has been found in the San Fernando Valley tucked away in a storage locker, reports the Ventura County Star.

A man reportedly purchased the contents of the unit in a liquidation auction, and took the comic for an expert appraisal where it was confirmed that the 1938 copy was in fact the one stolen from Cage in 2000.

“With the help of Simi Valley collectibles expert Mark Balelo, it was authenticated and handed over to the Los Angeles Police Department. Detective Donald Hrycyk, head of the LAPD’s two-person Art Theft Detail, said Thursday the comic book was taken into evidence as police try to piece together who stole it and how.”

New York comic book dealer Stephen Fishler, who originally sold the copy of Action Comics #1 to Cage, also flew to California to authenticate the discovery on Wednesday during a meeting in Simi Valley with the man, who reportedly did not want to be identified, Balelo and Hrycyk.

Source: Comic Related

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