World War Kaiju Announced

World War Kaiju Announced

Josh Finney (creator/co-writer),  Mike Colbert (co-writer), and Patrick McEvoy (art and stuff), and Kat Rocha (design and moral support) are working on a new graphic Novel, “World War Kaiju”.  WWK is the story of an alternate 20th century, where instead of the nuclear bomb, the great super weapon invented in World War II was the Giant Monster – The Kaiju! Now, 25 years later, every major country has its own arsenal of marauding monsters. Learn about the United States’ Kaiju attack on Hiroshima, the Cuban Monster Crisis, and the rest of the story of the Kaiju Cold War. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s action-packed and it’s certainly unique.  We’ll be sharing previews and design art, and telling people as much as they want to hear about it at Wondercon this Friday – Sunday (April 1st – April 3rd).

Most importantly, we will be offering an exclusive World War Kaiju postcard, with 100% of the proceeds (including costs) donated to Doctors Without Borders, who are currently doing such good work in Japan to help alleviate suffering. This is a very important thing, and we hope everyone who stops by our tables at the con will be good enough to generously donate. The cost is only $1.00 per card (a bargain!) but ANY amount will be gratefully accepted. The cards will be available at both Patrick’s table and Kat & Josh’s Glitchwerk table. Buy lots – it’s for a great cause.

Kat and Josh will be at the Glitchwerk Publishing table in the Small Press area (SP-72) all three days, while Patrick will be at table SP-53 (with Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket fame) on Saturday and Sunday only.  In addition to the postcards and World War Kaiju info, Patrick will have copies of Starkweather: Immortal (the hardcover graphic novel of modern-fantasy from Archaia), posters, prints and more, while Kat and Josh will have copies of their acclaimed graphic novel “Titanium Rain” and more.

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