Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/16/11

Cammy’s Favorite Covers for 3/16/11












The Amazing Spider-Man # 656 by Marcos Martin

So while Spidey appears to have a new costume again, I find myself liking it on this cover. The yellows really pop when against the black and gray webs, and with him diving between green lasers it makes it feel like lots of action is happening. Marcos Martin’s style is a really good fit for Spider-Man, because he makes Spidey look so graceful, yet a complete badass at the same time. If anything, he almost looks like Spider-Man in Shocker armor. Add a little more red in the black parts, and it’d almost be a sure thing.


5 Ronin #3 by David Aja

Even as a lone samurai, the Punisher is suppose to look like a force to be reckoned with. And once again David Aja kills it on this series covers. Look at the empty eye sockets, with just cold and gloomy colors throughout the entire cover. The stance, the holding of the rifle, he looks like death incarnate. Plus all the sketches along the sides, including the iconic Punisher skull is the real cherry on top. Of the 5 Ronin miniseries covers, this one is my favorite hands-down. It sends a chill up my spine if I look at it for too long.


Batman #708 by Guillem March

While I’m not a fan of Azrael, I do like how Guillem March combined solid characters in the foreground, and washes in the background. The crossing of two different types of blades catches the eye, and the style of the flames are wicked to look at. The dominant reds of the knights work well against the pale blues of the screaming Batman, and when Batman is screaming, you know it can’t be good. Very nice cover overall.


Loki #4 Travel Foreman & Nathan Fairbairn

This is by far my favorite cover of the week. While I haven’t been reading this series, I almost want to because of the cover alone. I imagine these images would be the last things you would ever see if crossing Loki. The wolf, the serpent, all different forms of the legendary trickster god. Loki himself looks demonic with all the wrappings and his favorite horned helmet. It’s the intricate details of everything on the cover that really blows me away, because I’m taking literally minutes studying the time and care that went into every character. Truly spectacular cover.


Hulk #30.1 by Rob Garney

So it looks like your typical Hulk cover, where Hulk is angry and smashing the usual cars and buildings. Only with this cover, I can’t stop looking at Rulk. The way he takes up almost the whole cover as he’s charging at you the viewer, he just comes across as extremely powerful and god-like. The fury can be seen radiating from his eyes, and the foaming at the mouth conveys the rabidness of this creature very well. Rob Garney did a great job illustrating Rulk being the strongest there is, perhaps even more than Banner.

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