CBG Fan Awards 2011: Nominations Are Now Open

CBG Fan Awards 2011: Nominations Are Now Open

Now that 2010 is in the history books, it’s time for fans to look back at the creative side of things and make their picks for the 2011 CBG Fan Awards.

As we’ve done for the past several years, we’ll have two rounds of voting with the first an open ballot in our 12 categories, allowing fans to nominate their favorite works and creators from 2010. We’ll tally those nominations after the March 15 deadline and determine the Top 5 finalists in each category with a second round of voting commencing in early April.

In nearly every category, the 2010 Fan Awards were very close among all multiple finalists and that was true for the nominating ballot as well, so keep in mind that your vote does count.

As always, we remind all voters that only projects with a 2010 copyright date and creators who had work published in 2010 are eligible for consideration. While multiple members of a household are encouraged to vote, we ask that everyone submit their own slate of nominees in as many categories as they would like, but only one nominee per category.

While the voting is conducted primarily through this link, we will accept paper nominating ballots as well this year. Simply copy the categories below and put in your nominees. Then mail it to us at CBG Fan Awards, c/o CBG Editorial Dept., 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945 by March 15 and we’ll see that your vote is counted. Here are the categories:

Favorite Comic Book Writer:
Favorite Comic Book Penciller:
Favorite Comic Book Inker:
Favorite Comic Book Colorist:
Favorite Comic Book Letterer:
Favorite Comic Book Cover Artist:
Favorite Comic Book Editor:
Favorite Comic Book Story:
Favorite Comic Book or Mini-Series:
Favorite Original Graphic Novel (no reprints):
Favorite Comic Book Character:
Favorite Comic Book Publisher:

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