Emma Stone Signed For Multiple Spider-Man Movies

Emma Stone Signed For Multiple Spider-Man Movies

Considering that she’s playing Peter Parker’s ill-fated first girlfriend Gwen Stacy, many fans have already prepared themselves for the possibility that Emma Stone won’t survive the Spider-Man reboot.

But if you’re already in the midst of scribbling out Gwen’s obituary, perhaps your suspicions are a bit premature. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (via Reelz Channel), the blonde actress indicated that she’s going to appear in multiple “Spider-Man” movies.

“There’s a few ‘Spider-Men’ [movies],” she told Leno. “So I may have to keep [my blonde hair] for a couple of years.”

Sounds like Stone is sticking with Stacy for at least a little bit longer than one movie, don’t you think? It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Gwen won’t make it through the first installment of the rebooted “Spider-Man” series — she could be referring to future flashback or vision appearances, after all — but it’s equally likely, if not more so, that Gwen is going to be just fine by the end of “Spider-Man.”

But survival doesn’t necessitate safety, and it certainly sounds as if Stone’s character will be put through the wringer if her workout regime is any indication.

“The other day, after work, I was supposed to work out with our trainer and [Andrew Garfield] said ‘Would it be OK if I worked out with you guys?’ And I was like ‘No, that would not be OK,'” she recalled. “He said ‘Why? It’ll be a bonding experience.’ And I was like, ‘Because you can lift a car and I am a weakling beyond belief.’ So, it’s pretty brutal; we’re on two completely different ends of the spectrum.”

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