Details for IDW’s Deadworld Omnibus

Details for IDW’s Deadworld Omnibus

IDW Publishing, in association with imprint Desperado Publicizing, is offering new readers a great way to get into the long running Deadworld series. The Deadworld Omnibus, shipping in January 2011, will collect all 14 issues of the rebooted Deadworld series which relaunched the series a few years ago.

The initial storyline, Requiem for the World, was a six issue series that came out from Image Comics. That was followed by Deadworld: Frozen Over, a four issue series that brought the action to New York City. The third installment was Deadworld: Slaughterhouse which was originally intended to be a four issue series but instead was released as a complete story in hardcover after the first issue shipped.

“I knew that Deadworld had a lot of appeal,” said writer Gary Reed, “but it has such a long history and most of the issues have long been out of print. The reboot was a chance to start anew.” Deadworld originally came from Arrow Comics in the mid 1980’s before moving over to Caliber. There was about 70 issues released total.

Reed said that elements of the original series will fold into the rebooted series and the collection, the Deadworld Omnibus, contains everything in the current series and Deadworld continues from here.

“Typical of what happened throughout the history of Deadworld, happened with these series,” said Reed, calling it the Deadworld curse. “It seems every time we bring in an artist for Deadworld, they end up getting hired by the big guys.” The Deadworld Omnibus initial tale features work by original artist, Vince Locke and was followed by Dalibor Talajic who moved to Marvel to do Deadpool and Punisher. Frozen Over was illustrated by Federico Dallacchio who left to work for DC on Green Arrow and Justice League. Sami Makkonen, artist of Slaughterhouse, joined Frank Beddor in bringing out the Hatter M series, based on Beddor’s NY Times’ best-seller, The Looking Glass War.

Deadworld has more upcoming projects in the works including an original graphic novel, Deadworld: The Last Siesta, which is illustrated by Mark Bloodworth. “Siesta looks fantastic,” Reed said, “Bloodworth did a really nice job. He has about 5 pages to go and then it will be put on the schedule.” Reed also said that Sami Makkonen will return to Deadworld but in a serialized form and for the first time, Deadworld will be in color.

As for news on the movie front, Deadworld has a completed script by David Hayter, writer of the X-Men and Watchmen movies, and a director should be announced soon. “On the movie front, I can’t say much about it. To me, it’s not tangible until actually production begins,” Reed said.

Deadworld Omnibus was solicited at $19.99 for 254 pages but Reed said the book actually is over 300 pages.

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ISBN: 978-1-60010-858-7 Diamond Order #- NOV100400

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