More from THE STUFF OF LEGEND team

More from THE STUFF OF LEGEND team

In the mood for a creepy fairy tale? Well, of course you are! If you visit The Furnace then clearly you enjoy being on the edge of all things twisted and mysterious. I had the pleasure of interviewing the team behind the wonderful comic series, THE STUFF OF LEGEND.

Were either of you afraid of the dark?

BRIAN SMITH – When I was a kid, sure. But I shared a room with my two brothers, so that definitely helped me feel safer. If the Boogeyman showed up the odds were good he’d snatch one of them, instead!

MIKE RAICHT – I was. My dad was especially lax on what I could and could not watch when I was young. I remember a viewing ofNightmare on Elm Street the first night it was on HBO that left me a little stunned. Not cool.


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