Ghost Rider Sequel Receives Green Light After Reducing Its Budget

Ghost Rider Sequel Receives Green Light After Reducing Its Budget

When the Ghost Rider rides again, don’t be surprised if the antihero’s flaming skull isn’t burning as brightly as it did in the last film. Although Sony Pictures Entertainment has officially given the green light to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the sequel to Mark Steven Johnson’s 2007 comic book adaptation, there is a hitch: Nicolas Cage’s latest ride as Johnny Blaze is going to come at a cheaper cost.

The Wrap reports that the film’s budget has been trimmed down from a proposed $135 million to a leaner $75 million.

Part of the reason for the budget’s trimming reportedly involves Sony’s commitments to other major franchise features, including Spider-Man, Men in Black 3 and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

In an effort to keep costs down, it’s reported that Cage himself has taken a pay cut from the $12 million he made in the original “Ghost Rider” to $7 million for the sequel. As these numbers have been reported by an unnamed source, it’s best to consider them speculative for the time being.

There are certainly drawbacks to a reduced budget, but the upside is that Ghost Rider 2 is officially revving up for its planned November production start in Eastern Europe. Cage’s second sojourn as the spirit of vengeance will feature a number of other recognizable actors, including Idris Elba as an alcoholic warrior monk, Christopher Lambert as a swordsman and Ciaran Hinds as the devil himself. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are directing the superhero sequel.

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