Countdown to Halloween: Sandman Mystery Theatre

Countdown to Halloween: Sandman Mystery Theatre

Sandman Mystery Theatre is a title that I didn’t pick up when it started. For some reason I picked up issue 1 and then missed all the rest until issue 10 and was sporadic until about issue 25.

Why? I can’t tell you. I think it was a combination of my local store getting limited issues in which meant it was first in first serve even if you had a pull list as well as the fact I didn’t know about Wesley Dodds apart from any mention of him in The Sandman so I thought it was a Sandman book without Dream in it.

Yes I know I should be shot for that!

The when I realized how much I had missed with the book I went back and picked up the rest apart from a few issues which I am still looking for today.

I picked up this page from eBay. I was actually bidding and won a Doom Patrol page which when the seller went to put it together with the previous Ghost Rider page he couldn’t find it and gave me some options to replace it which included this page.

Getting anything by Guy Davis is something worth jumping at.

I don’t know if this is something I can part with but it is one of my favorites!

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