Geoff Johns Talks DC Movies at NYCC

Geoff Johns Talks DC Movies at NYCC

At “The Spotlight on Geoff Johns” panel which is currently taking place at the New York Comic Con, Comic Book Resources are providing a live update of what the critically acclaimed comic book writer has to say including his thoughts on the upcoming movies from DC and Warner Bros! Here are a few excerpts from their report where the writer talks a little more about his involvement in projects like the Green Lantern animated series and live action movie as well as the chances of the JLA making their way to the big screen.

On The Green Lantern Movie:

Johns then ran through the “Green Lantern” movie teaser posters and said, “If you love the ‘Green Lantern’ comics now, you’re really going to love them next year.” He added that the trailer will debut with the new Harry Potter movie.

On The Plans For A Justice League Movie:

Asked about the possibility of shared-universe films á la Marvel, Johns said, “I’m going to speak frankly: I think our characters are bigger than Marvel’s.” He said that he’d rather spend time building each character on his or her own rather than “smashing them together.”

On Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

Asked whether he would write episodes of the “Green Lantern” animated series, Johns said, “Right now, no, because I need to sleep.”

On The Flash Movie:

Asked about a “Flash” movie, Johns stuttered as if there was much he couldn’t say, before concluding, “That would be cool.”

On The Upcoming Superman Reboot:

On the topic of the next Superman movie, “I don’t think you can hope for much more than Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder,” Johns said. “He’ll be punching something.”

I think it’s fair to say that the chances of a JLA movie are now looking more and more grim. With the recent news that the company plan on focusing on “standalone experiences” and now Geoff Johns (who is heavily involved in both Green Lantern and Flash as well as several other live action projects) saying the same thing, we might have a long time to wait until we see our favourite DC heroes together on the big screen.

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