The Furnace Link Roundup 15/9/2010

The Furnace Link Roundup 15/9/2010

I thought I’d post up some links I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now. This is going to be a semi regular thing that I want to start up when I come across anything I feel needs to be show out there.

Tales from the Warzone

First up I should toot my own horn and if your interested in any wargaming like Warhammer 40,000 and Malifaux I have created a blog showing my updating of painting my crews and armies and you can check that out at


Also if you have looked in the sidebar you may have noticed that the image for Geektopia has changed from Coming Soon to Now Open. Geektopia is ran by a friend of mine over in South Australia who has opening the best online comic shop for us over here in Australia.

Taking influence from places like DCBS and Heroes Corner over in the US we were lacking for something like that and with there being less and less comic stores over here there are a lot of people who have to either pay outrageous prices from the few stores that do mail order or have to then look at going overseas for their books which again has huge shipping costs.

Geektopia is the breath of fresh air that we have been looking over here so if your an Australia comic reader make sure you go over there and check it out!

Constantine’s Attitude

I was just put onto Constantine’s Attitude which is a new site that has been started off by TJ from The F Bombcast as he starts reading Hellblazer from the first issues and plans to go through all of the issues which should be an interesting idea.

If you haven’t read Hellblazer before this might be your chance to go through with him and put your thoughts in the issues as they go up. As he has just started this you don’t have to read a heap to get on from the start so go and check it out.

The Furnace Contributors

And last of all remember to go and check out all of The Furnace’s Contributors sites.

I couldn’t do this all on my own as well without the help and support of everyone who posts information here so go and follow the links for Amber Love, Jason Tudor and Cammy’s Comic Corner.

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