Top Shelf’s Massive 2010 $3 Sale

Top Shelf’s Massive 2010 $3 Sale

Top Shelf are just starting their big annual mega-sale to consumers. $3 price points on Alan Moore’s novel Voice of the Fire, the trades of the series that inspired the Bruce Willis film, The Surrogates (Vols 1 & 2),  as well as Sulk (Vols 1, 2, & 3), I Am Going To Be Small, SuperF*ckers #1-#4, Lower Regions, Regards from Serbia, Comic Book Artist, Delayed Replays and more. $3 a pop.

As for comics more approaching the traditional floppy, they have $1 price points for The Surrogates #1-#5, Black Ghost Apple Factory, Dang!, The Man Who Loved Breasts, Comic Diorama, 24×2, Jack’s Luck Runs Out, Tales of the Great Unspoken and more.

And then there are the even bigger savings on bigger items. Hardcovers like Lost Girls, Alec: The Years Have Pants, Essex County Complete and American Elf all for $25. With paperbacks of Alec, Essex and Elf for $20. The big one though is the Surrogate Owner’s Manual down from $75 to $10. And lots of Owly hardcovers at half price too.

This is not a glitch. But it won’t be around long…

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