Bruce Timm Monsterverse Art

Bruce Timm Monsterverse Art

MONSTERVERSE announces the darkly enticing beauty of Nosferina as beautifully rendered by top animation designer and Warner Brothers executive producer Bruce Timm for an exclusive cover to BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE horror anthology comic book. This image has never been released to the public in such a “revealing” state (available only before as an obscured advertisement for the Lugosi book pre-order form).

There is probably not a Batman/DC Comics fan today that doesn’t know of Bruce Timm’s superb artistry and his Emmy/Eisner-winning effect on popular culture via his design work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES or his beguiling images of the female form. All of which Timm put to excellent service to create the back cover for BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE.

You can view glimpses of pages and art by Bruce Timm, John Cassaday, Kerry Gammill, Terry Beatty, Chris Moreno, Basil Gogos and more at this YouTube PREVIEW of BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE:


The first issue cover of BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE is by artist Basil Gogos, whose astonishing legacy of producing decades of stunning cover paintings at FAMOUS MONSTERS and Warren Publishing’s other ground-breaking horror titles such as CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA is unrivaled in the history of horror and comic art.

Frank Darabont has created one of the most hotly anticipated comic book-to-film adaptations, THE WALKING DEAD, for the AMC cable television network and based upon the award-winning horror comic book. Here is what Darabont has to say about Gogos:

“Basil Gogo doesn’t paint pictures of monsters, and never has. What he does is conjure their essences on canvas like a magician. More than that, he conjures our love of these subjects in a manner that defies description or analysis. How does an artist infuse an entire fan community’s love of a whole genre into his brushstrokes? I’ll never be able to explain it, but I know I’ll always be grateful for it. Seeing Gogos’ portraits is revisiting the best friends of my childhood.”

This is one of the last great unseen Gogos painting to grace a cover of a horror comic in history.

In the world of art and pop culture both Bela Lugosi and Gogos have had an incalculable influence on films and filmmakers, comic books and comic creators, the fans of horror, fantasy, ALL genre and even pop aspects of international society. Their work and images will outlive everyone reading this now. Lugosi’s reach is so invasive in pop culture that every child and adult that bares his teeth like a vampire and says, “I vant to drink your blaahd!” is emulating Lugosi whether they understand it or not.

The comic book fans certainly know of John Cassaday. MONSTERVERSE not only has a variant cover from John but also a special story he created in a whimsical style that you’ve never seen from him before (view the YouTube Preview for a hint). John calls it his homage to the wonderful “Rankin-Bass” animation. It signals something completely new and fresh from Cassaday and delivered with a sly smile.

MONSTERVERSE and its staff are working to tap into something very special concerning comics and horror. Its knowing approach has touched and excited some of the top professionals in the world to join in with MONSTERVERE to forge a link to classic horror and comic book storytelling while updating it for today’s grittier horrors. BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE is a unique kind of comic book created from deep passions for its subject as both a gateway book to lead new readers to comics and as something smartly constructed to charm the hearts of longtime fans. BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE wears its respect and love for the genre wrapped warmly around it. Say, like a long opera cape during the cold black hour of midnight when its last chime calls to the lost and the damned, waiting patiently to find you…in the darkness. Or a comic book.

MONSTERVERSE ENTERTAINMENT is a transmedia company headed by its publisher and editor, the comic book and film design artist, Kerry Gammill. Keith Wilson, formerly of DC Comics, is a co-editor and writer/artist. Producer/screenwriter Sam F. Park is the west coast editor and a writer/artist.

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