Teen Titan’s: Games Delayed due to Surgery

Teen Titan’s: Games Delayed due to Surgery

George Perez posted to Facebook;

As many of you have already learned, The TEEN TTANS: GAMES graphic novel has been taken off the November release schedule and will be re-solicited. The fault is entirely mine. I’m afraid that a confluence of events, including my worsening e…yesight which prompted the ongoing surgical procedures that I’ve already covered here and the bad timing of committing to LEGACIES before I knew that GAMES’ deadlines had been compromised.

With LEGACIES being an ongoing series, as opposed to GAMES being a one-shot, it was determined that the monthly series had to be prioritized since my involvement with that series had already been publicized.

Due to some attendant light sensitivity issues, my ability to stare at a white sheet lit by studio lamps was definitely getting a bit difficult, which is one of the reasons I switched to inking Jerry Ordway for Issue 6. Oddly enough, looking at pages already grayed by pencils was easier on my orbs than starting with a clean white page.

In all likelihood, I will still have several surgeries to get through and, according to my doctor, the prognosis is good. I will be returning to GAMES after I finish LEGACIES and will progress as best as I can in between surgical procedures. After I finish that long, long, long delayed book, I will request to be used primarily as an inker for the following year (with the exception of some covers or pin-ups here and there) until my eyesight is normal (or at least stabilized). After that, I intend to kick some serious comic art butt!

I sincerely apologize to all of you who are now disappointed, yet again with the continuous delays on this decades-old project. I particularly want to apologize to my friend and TITANS cohort Marv Wolfman who’s shown the patience of a saint throughout all this, even during times when I was too overwhelmed to return his calls.

I have about 25 pages left to draw and I’m hoping that, when the book is finally re-solicited (and it will be!) that it will be at least a tiny bit worth the long wait.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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