George Lucas vs Jedi Mind Inc

George Lucas vs Jedi Mind Inc

When George Lucas came up with Star Wars, he probably never dreamed he’d end up playing Whack-a-Mole with products he felt encroached too closely on his territory. Last month, we told you about a lightsaber that could take your eye out. And now he’s going after a wireless headset that allows you to control computers with your brainwaves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, LucasFilm has filed a $5 million trademark lawsuit against Jedi Mind Inc., which is selling a wireless headset that can detect brainwaves and make it possible for users to play games or run applications with thoughts alone.

The complaint, which claims the alleged trademark infringement will cause confusion in the marketplace and harm LucasFilm’s business and reputation, makes for fascinating reading. It isn’t often you run across a legal document that includes the paragraph:

The principal figures of the Star Wars saga are the Jedi knights, an order of warrior monks who use the power of “the Force” the energy that flows through all living beings and binds the universe together to protect the existence and values of the democratic Old Republic. When Senator Palpatine of the planet Naboo overthrows the Republic and founds the Galactic Empire, the Jedi knights become outlaws, living underground and on the run from imperial storm troopers. They continue, however, to practice their ancient religion and to secretly train new apprentices.

Source and a download of the complete document: Blaster

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