Constantine to be Married?

Constantine to be Married?

John Constantine has walked the streets of London, been to hell and back and has aged gracefully since his first appearance 25 years ago. Now, HELLBLAZER, the longest running ongoing Vertigo series hit’s issue #272 with a story that will shock you.

It was announced at the Vertigo: On the Edge panel that the chain-smoking con man may be getting married! That’s right, married!

John Constantine’s potential wife Epiphany Greaves finds herself shunted off to London in 1979 by a love-spurned Shade, The Changing Man! Back in the present, Constantine finds himself right in the path of a succubus with evil on her mind.

Written by Peter Milligan and with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley and Stefano Landini with cover by Simon Bisley, HELLBLAZER #272 is on sale October 20 / 32 pages / $2.99.

I asked Peter Milligan to give us a bit more insight into this and here’s what he had to say:


There is an old saying that tries to delineate the romantic differences between “Latins” and their North European brothers:

An Italian man will tell a woman he loves her, just in case he does. An Englishman will refrain from telling a woman he loves her…just in case he doesn’t.

Until now, John Constantine has fallen firmly in the English camp. It’s not that he hasn’t loved before. He has. But he’s never taken that big step. He’s never got hitched.

This time things are different. For a start, he’s older. Yes, here’s a comic character who actually ages.

Secondly, Constantine doesn’t have to hide anything about himself from the young woman he proposes to. You could say she’s got some pretty interesting baggage too.

What’s exciting for me about writing BLOODY CARNATIONS is that it feels a little bit transgressive. It feels like something Constantine can’t imagine himself doing. Something many of his fans can’t imagine him doing. Real people do things out of character. Real people do things they can’t imagine themselves doing.

I come with a certain degree of experience in these matters, speaking as a man who has been married twice.

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