New Thor and Captain America Posters

New Thor and Captain America Posters

As has been seen everywhere the concept posts for Thor and Captain America have been release with the start of Comic-Con and they look fantastic!

Overall from the posters I’m looking forward to Thor over Captain America but I think that’s generally due to my opinion of Captain America being an ‘American” hero and as I’d down here in Australia I always had a lack of connection to him.

It’s good to see on the poster that Loki has the horned helmet and from the Still images that have came out from the Thor set it seems he will have them in the movie like everyone wants.

What do you think of the posters?

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2 Responses to “New Thor and Captain America Posters”

  1. Here’s my problem with everything I’ve seen from Captain America so far: either you buy into the fact that the Americans would dress up a super-soldier to represent the flag and fight Nazis on the front lines or you DON’T. But (I assume because the director is embarrassed of actual superhero costumes?) they have him in this half-assed not-quite-a-costume thing that isn’t a soldier’s uniform either.

    But to think they’d go to all the trouble of making the red, white and blue shield to give their Super-guy, and put a star on his chest, but then get self-conscious half-way through the process and make the rest of the uniform look like a baggy commando outfit of some kind? I’m just not buying it.

    He’d either be dressed like a special-forces soldier, or he’d be dressed like a propaganda poster, but not this wishy-washy in-between thing they’ve got now. (Can you tell I don’t like it?)

  2. PS: On the other hand, THOR looks as though it is making no excuses, and wants to be just flat-out Kirby/Buscema Thor mythology. If it is, I’ll be a huge fan!


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