Supanova 2010 Creator Photos

Supanova 2010 Creator Photos

Well Supanova has left Sydney for another year and this year I was only able to be there for the one day. But what a day it was…

As I was there on the Sunday the first thing I noticed is that there were more people there than I have ever seen on that day, and that being said there apparently was a 2 hour wait to get in… But that being said I managed to get in for 5 odd hours before having to go home and spend time with the family.

I managed to get a couple more Grendel Sketches that I need to scan in but apart from that I wanted to get some photos with creators for once since every other year I’ve forgotten.

Here are the photos:

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I was able to finally get a photo with Nicola Scott who I’ve ran out of sketches to get from here (until I start a new sketchbook) but even though we catch up whenever there is some comic event on we’ve never had a photo together.

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This one was with Stewart McKenny and his wife Wendy, who most of you would know as one of the rotating artists on DC Superfriends and before that was an artist on the Clone Wars kids line from Dark Horse. Stewart has became a friend of mine as well and is the first artist that my son know and asks after.

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The Last one is with the Legendary Joe Kubert. I didn’t have anything to be signed and Stewart was kind enough to take the photo for me but it was great having the chance to thank him for everything that he has done for the industry.

One thing that really bothered me about seeing Joe there is that at any one time there would be a line of 4 people maximum. There were voice actors from some anime series with over 100 people in line as well as the even larger… Now why does someone who has been in the Comic industry for so long and given so much back with the school and also will tell you how openly he loves the industry only having 4 people waiting to see him and to thank him for what he’s done?

Personally I find that as a kick in the teeth and if anyone who didn’t go and see him and is a comic fan, then they should be shamed for not speaking to someone like that. With us now getting to a point where we are loosing some of the people that built this industry, wouldn’t you kick yourself if you had the chance to say thanks and didn’t?

With that being said I had a great time and hopefully next year I won’t have a clash with my wife’s plans and I’ll be there for both days.

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