Radical Publishing and Dogtown Studios Partnership

Radical Publishing and Dogtown Studios Partnership

There was a leak that was sent out from an Intern at Radical that I had received last week which I was unsure about publishing but as there seems to me more information coming out now I feel it’s time to do some announcements. This is leading off from the back cover of Radical’s FCBD book which had a lot of people wondering what it was all about.

Dogtown Studios and Radical Publishing, under the Radical Interactive banner, are proud to announce a partnership to jointly produce a brand new iDevice (iPhone, iTouch,iPad) game that will offer exceptional quality and excitement for the casual, as well as the experienced, gamer. The game will be released in summer 2010 and, over the next several weeks, both companies will release information about the game itself, and the production process.

“From the very beginning, I’ve always envisioned Radical as a multimedia brand that goes beyond just comics and film.” states Radical Publishing’s president and founder Barry Levine “With Radical Interactive, we will be adapting games based on the Radical Publishing library as well as creating original properties for iDevices. Really the sky is the limit and we’re excited to be working with Dogtown as we venture into this new market.”

Rasmus Hansson, partner and producer for Dogtown Studios adds, “Our main goal with this game is to win over all types of gamers, offering simplicity and complexity combined into an experience never before seen on the iDevice.”

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