The Scream Factory goes to Panelfly

The Scream Factory goes to Panelfly

Okay, horror fans, break’s over — because it looks like The Scream Factory is back open and ready for business!

The horror publisher — which has also gone through stints as Fangoria Comics and Fangoria Graphix — is back on the board via Panelfly, according to an announcement from new backer Kick Axe Entertainment.

Digital comics from the Scream Factory that are currently available via the Panelfly application include BUMP, Death Walks the Streets, Robert Kurtzman’s Beneath the Valley of the Rage, BUMP Hack/Slash, and Shon C. Bury’s Nox. They’ve also announced the upcoming series Ellium, which blends horror and science fiction, and that trades and novels for BUMP and Beneath the Valley of the Rage would be out soon.

If you remember way back when Brian and myself had interviewed Scott Licina back on Kryptographik Direktor’s Kut Episode 2 when Bump was still coming out from Fangoria Comics. It’s great to see these books coming back out since there was a hole left when Fangoria had ceased to be.

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