Zuda Abandons Competitive Element

Zuda Abandons Competitive Element

Rob Perazza, editor of DC Comic’s  digital offering under the Zuda banner, has announced that Zuda is abandoning the competition aspect to its choice of future digital comic projects.

Forming some kind of Comic Book Idol, readers vote on their favourite new strips every month, the winner getting a Zuda contract and continuing the publication of their project, online with potential for print in the future, such as the successful High Moon series.

But with accusations of cheating, aggressive lobbying and fixing results that already doomed one very promising applicant, Zuda has now removed that aspect of its publishing model.

What will replace it, is not yet clear. And what it means for the future of DC Comics and the recruitment of new work, digital or otherwise – well let’s just say that’s probably developing…

2 Responses to “Zuda Abandons Competitive Element”

  1. Patrick says:

    Never liked the competition part anyway.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I know what you mean… it became a popularity contest and with that you would have some creators who weren’t as promotion savvy having their comics get left by the wayside.

    Those that where huge in the social media always seemed to be winning so this is a good move by Zuda.