Possible Starman Movie?

Possible Starman Movie?

Another DC superhero may take flight on the big screen.

According to Pajiba, Warner Bros. and Lin Productions may be collaborating on an adaptation of “Starman.” While the rumor is currently unconfirmed, the story states that the project is being produced by Daniel Lin (“Sherlock Holmes”) and Gregory Noveck (“Jonah Hex”).

The first Starman was created in 1941 by artist Jack Burnley along with editors Whit Ellsworth, Murray Boltinoff, Jack Schiff, Mort Weisinger, and Bernie Breslauer. While the rumor doesn’t state which version of Starman would be featured in the film, it does say that the character used will “wield a gravity rod, have energy powers, and likely be able to fly.”

Over the nearly 70 years since the first appearance of Starman, there have been several DC characters to use that name. The first was Ted Knight — a founding member of JSA who recently made a cameo in the Absolute Justice episode of Smallville.

Knight was followed by Mikaal Tomas, a blue-skinned alien prince who used the Starman name as he defended the Earth against his war-like people in the ’70s, Will Payton — the Starman throughout most of the ’80s, Prince Gavyn, another alien prince whose exploits took place in outer space and the current Starman, who was featured in the “Justice Society” ongoing series.

However, the most popular incarnation to date is James Robinson’s “Starman” from the ’90s, which featured Jack Knight — the son of the original Starman — who was thrust into the role following the murder of his brother. Jack Knight’s struggle to maintain a normal life while eschewing traditional superhero trappings (like wearing a bright costume) helped the series find a fan following and established Robinson’s “Starman” as one of the most “human” superheroes in the entire DC universe.

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  1. While the Pajiba report has almost unanimously been debunked as rumour in the blogosphere, I have to admit that the idea of anyone associated with the Jonah Hex movie being tied to a Starman movie fills me with terror. After seeing that trailer, I fear for any adaptation of a B- to Z-level DC character.


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