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Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

As Free Comic Book Day is coming Tomorrow what is everyone planning for the day? I’m going to be doing the rounds as usual with my first stop being at The Phantom Zone at opening with my son to pick up my weekly books and also to partake in some of the festivities. From there […]

Possible Starman Movie?

Possible Starman Movie?

Another DC superhero may take flight on the big screen. According to Pajiba, Warner Bros. and Lin Productions may be collaborating on an adaptation of “Starman.” While the rumor is currently unconfirmed, the story states that the project is being produced by Daniel Lin (“Sherlock Holmes”) and Gregory Noveck (“Jonah Hex”). The first Starman was […]

PlayStation Comics Store Update 30/4/2010

Hello everyone! Here’s this week’s Digital Comic Store Update: It’s the return of Zombies vs. Robots Adventure. The war escalates at an alarming rate, the humans are not as strong as they’d like to think and, to make things worse, a new breed of zombies appears! This comic comes with great audio commentary from writer […]

Jonah Hex Trailer Released

Jonah Hex Trailer Released

The feel is there. I think Brolin nailed down the voice and mannerisms and of course, Malkovich doing this usually creepy schtick. I’ve heard Fox doesn’t have that huge of a role, but her line delivery still makes me want to cringe. Some people just aren’t made for Southern accents. I wish the studio had […]

Amber’s Reviews: New Pulp Retro Style Comics

This Week Amber Reviews Green Hornets and First Wave. httpvh:// Remember to check out my New Website.

Transformers 3 Hitting the Streets of Chicago on July 4

Reel Chicago reports that Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 will start filming in Chicago on July 4th. The filming in the Windy City is expected to take seven weeks. Here are some excerpts: Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal calls the upcoming big-budget shoot “a blockbuster in every sense of the word; in terms of economic […]

Captain America to Start Filming June 28

Production Weekly reports that Marvel Studios has opened a production office at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England for Captain America: The First Avenger with filming scheduled to begin on June 28th for a July 22, 2011 release. Directed by Joe Johnston, the comic book adaptation will star Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving […]

Steve Perry and why we need the Hero Initiative

Found at Bleeding Cool and this is something that I really thing people should see so they can support the Hero Initiative: Every month or so there is an appeal for an American comic book creator who cannot afford their healthcare costs. Even with the charity HERO Initiative, there are still appeals, still fundraisers, still […]

Predators – New Character Profile – Cuchillo

It’s time for a quick trek into the jungle to get the scoop on yet another character from Nimrod Antal’s highly anticipated sequel Predators. Who is producer Robert Rodriquez introducing us to this week? Cuchillo, portrayed by Danny Trejo. Predators, a bold new chapter in the Predator universe, shot under the creative auspices of Robert […]

The Last Airbender Full Trailer

Apple has debuted the full trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, coming to 3D and 2D theaters on July 2. You can watch the trailer (labeled ‘Trailer 3’) in various QuickTime sizes here! In the big screen adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated series, four nations (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) are tied by destiny […]

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