Batman Beyond returns in June

News from The Source:

You heard us mention a while back that Paul Levitz would be writing a Batman Beyond-centric SUPERMAN/BATMAN annual in June — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the future who is guided by an elderly Bruce Wayne in his efforts to protect Neo Gotham.

Starting in June, BATMAN BEYOND — a six-issue mini-series from writer Adam Beechen (who’s no stranger to animated characters, having worked on The Batman series a few years back) and artist Ryan Benjamin — will pit the future Dark Knight against his own past, as a dangerous force has begun to target Bruce Wayne’s old foes. Can Wayne’s past put Terry’s future in danger?

Not sure, gang. Let’s check in with Adam Beechen himself. Take it away, Adam:

“The dark future of the legendary animated series comes to the DCU in a six-issue miniseries, as Terry McGinniss, Bruce Wayne’s young successor as Batman, faces his deadliest foe yet — a mystery murderer from the Dark Knight’s past! Old faces return, new allies and enemies step into the light, and the partnership between Terry and Bruce — not to mention Terry and Bruce themselves — might not survive!”

Thanks, Adam! And for good measure, we’ve got the cover to the first issue, from superstar artist Dustin Nguyen

I’ve been waiting for a Batman Beyond title to come back. I have the full run from the original series back in the 90’s which was a companion for the cartoon but when they wrapped it up as the cartoon did for a rumored TV series I was waiting with bated breath to have nothing come from it. It may have taken over 15 years but I’m looking forward to this!

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