Darick Robertson On The Boys Movie

From Splash Page:

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s wild comic book series “The Boys” caused a fair share of controversy when it first hit shelves back in 2006, and with a live-action adaptation of the project announced back in 2008, fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Wee Hughie, Billy Butcher and the rest of the black ops team on the big screen.

I spoke to Robertson recently about his “Conan: The Weight of the Crown” one-shot comic, but I also managed to sneak in a few questions about the status of “The Boys” movie. What he had to say about the project should be music to fan’s ears.

“I had a nice meeting with the people at Kickstart [the film’s producers] and they were really cool,” Robertson told MTV News. “I can say that I think it’s in good hands over there. Apparently, the first draft of the screenplay is great. They’re very happy with the first draft and everybody is very enthusiastic about it.”

Robertson said that, while the comic’s creative team isn’t directly involved in the film’s development, they’re both being kept appraised of its progress — including a recently completed first draft of the screenplay.

“We’ll get a draft of that to read soon, but they were very open to me saying I’d like to be involved,” he explained. “I feel very confident — especially when we discussed the screenplay — that it’s faithful and they really are happy with it. They wanted it to be faithful and the writers seem to have delivered.”

“When they told me stuff that was in the script, it was all scenes from the comic,” he added.

However, Robertson was quick to add that everything is still at an early stage — and a lot can change before “The Boys” appears on a theater marquee.

“That’s the first draft, so that can turn around before you see it on screen, but I was enthusiastic just to hear they were being so faithful at the start,” he said. “If that’s what they’re starting with, then we’re in good shape.”

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