Screenwriter Updates Ghost In The Shell Film Status

From Splash Page:

Masamune Shirow’s futuristic thriller “Ghost in the Shell” appears to be one step closer to a live-action film. According to Laeta Kalogridis — an executive producer of “Avatar” and the screenwriter of “Shutter Island” — the adaptation of the cyberpunk Manga is the next movie on her docket.

When asked about her upcoming film projects, Kalogridis told Shock Till You Drop, “I’ve got ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ which is an adaptation of another manga and anime with DreamWorks and Steven (Spielberg) producing that and I’m hoping that the draft will come in pretty soon and I’m hoping he’ll like it, and other than that, I’m sort of keeping myself open right now because I’m not really sure what I want to do.”

“I have loved (‘Ghost In The Shell’) for years and years and years,” added Kalogridis. “It could actually be three two-hour movies, which is what I would vote for, but it’s the seminal cyberpunk text as something like ‘Neuromancer.’ I mean, it really just is, and there’s nothing else like it.”

Back in October, word broke that Kalogridis had been signed to replace Jamie Moss on the “Ghost In The Shell” adaptation. Moss has subsequently been tapped to write “X-Men: First Class” for director Bryan Singer.

“Ghost In The Shell” has previously been adapted as three animated movies as well as an animated TV series.

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