11 Sci-Fi Properties That ‘Need’ a Movie

11 Sci-Fi Properties That ‘Need’ a Movie

Doc Who

That’s the author’s use of the word “need,” not mine. I’m sure you can think of a myriad others that you’d like to see filmed. However, almost every one of these does have a large following, but it’s a large cult following — people they know who are already going to spend money. As Hollywooders would tell you, however, that does not translate into box office draw. Snippet:

Doctor Who
The character has been on television since the early sixties, you’d think by now he’d have earned a proper trip to the big screen. Instead he’s been permanently fixed in the low-budget world of television where, despite brilliant storytelling, he’s sometimes hampered by the limited effects capabilities of the format. But with this most recent stint by the Doctor as played by David Tennant, the character finally seemed on the verge of crossing over to the mainstream. Tennant’s gone, but maybe there’s a way to bring him back? If there was ever a time for a Doctor Who movie, doing it with Tennant is the way to make it work.


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  1. Lord Shaper says:

    I like how they are saying that Doctor Who needs a movie when in the 60/70s there were 2 Doctor Who movies starring Peter Cushing as the Doctor and also there was the tele-movie with Paul McGann as the Doctor.