Thor to Film at Del Mar Beach

In addition to shooting at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios and in the Santa Fe area, the Del Mar Times reports that Marvel Studios will shoot Thor at Del Mar beach as well:

The Marvel comic book hero Thor may soon have some powerful new sidekicks: The Del Mar City Council.

Paramount Pictures will enter into negotiations with Del Mar to film a beach scene for its new movie “Thor,” set for release in 2011. Paramount wants to use a 300-yard stretch of Del Mar beach for a scene involving six horses running down the terrain.

“I look forward to seeing our shining sea on the big screen with Thor thundering by on his great steed,” Earnest said. “I think that’s going to be fun.”

According to a city staff report, Paramount says this coastline is ideal because its gradual slope of sand down to the waterline creates excellent reflection opportunities on film.

The city foresees a “very positive” economic impact from the production, but has no basis for negotiating with major motion picture studios. It will work with Paramount to come up with a deal for filming, scheduled preliminarily for April 29.

The Kenneth Branagh-directed film will hit theaters on May 6, 2011.

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