IDW to reprint DC’s Fallen Angel 1-20

IDW to reprint DC’s Fallen Angel 1-20

I have to thank Chris from Collected Comics Library for pointing out Chris Ryall’s Blog and the news that IDW will be publishing the original 20 issues of Fallen Angel that were originally published from DC.

As it says on Chris Ryall’s Blog:

Thanks to some graciousness on DC Comics’ part–namely that of Paul Levitz and a few others, we’re able to now collect the entirety of Peter David and David Lopez’s 20-issue FALLEN ANGEL series. This is the original run, the final six issues of which have never been collected in any format since their original comic book release. We’re collecting them all in our Omnibus format, so you’ll get the entire run in one volume come this May.

Now I missed the series when if first came out but as I have picked up the 2 trades that DC have released this is going to be great for all who have only been reading it in trade and have been missing the last 6 issues.

Time to sell off the trades and get the Omnibus I’d say!

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    that will piss off tack.