Megan Fox And Josh Brolin In New Jonah Hex Set Photos

Last we heard from the “Jonah Hex” camp, director Jimmy Hayward’s adaptation of the gunslinger-fueled comic book series was headed back to the set for reshoots. While the need for reshoots isn’t anything to set off alarms (many films do the same at one point or another), a new batch of photos from the 10-day shoot might be cause for a little excitement — excitement of the Megan Fox variety, that is.

The “Jennifer’s Body” actress appears in many of the photos alongside Jonah Hex himself, Josh Brolin (who appears to be sporting a thick mustache, for some reason). Both Brolin and Fox can be seen in full period costumes for the Western-themed film, which puts the former confederate soldier turned bounty hunter at odds with a wealthy plantation owner played by John Malkovich.

We’ve posted one of the photos here, but the full gallery is available over at SpoilerTV. Check ’em out — if only to see what Hex would look like with a sweet ‘stache.

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